In the last years we have developed a common, open and company-independent definition for the storage and exchange of raman spectroscopy data based on the FAIR principles. In this workshop, we want to introduce how this definition can be practically used for your data, i.e., how these files can be created and tested that they are compliant with the defined standard for Raman spectroscopy. A follow-up discussion about concerns of the current standard or future ideas/wishes will be used to collect feedback for upcoming updates or extensions.

Workshop agenda

  • Introduction to FAIRmat
  • Introduction to NeXus as a standard for Raman spectroscopy
  • Tutorial: Creation of a NeXus file & Check for validity
  • Discussion: Feedback & Future updates


Who are we?

FAIRmat is a consortium of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). FAIRmat is creating a federated data infrastructure for materials data and supports scientists in the field of condensed matter physics and the chemical physics of solids to make their research data FAIR. FAIRmat is led by internationally renowned researchers who are actively embedded in their (sub)communities.

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