In this online tutorial we will cover the first steps with NOMAD and NOMAD Oasis. We will briefly cover the core NOMAD functionality on exploring, uploading, sharing and publishing data with NOMAD. We will then explore options for creating your own schemas and plugins to support new file formats and create custom electronic lab notebooks (ELNs), we show ways to customize an NOMAD Oasis, and how to contribute to the development of NOMAD and its ecosystem.

The tutorial includes an introduction talk about NOMAD and FAIRmat, including the latest changes and features in NOMAD. This is followed by a practical follow along session, where we go through a Jupyter notebook that demonstrates how to use NOMAD for managing custom data and file types. Based on a simple given dataset, we show how to model the data in a schema, do parsing and normalization, process data, access existing data with NOMAD's API for analysis, and how to add visualization to your data.